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10 Of The Best Bitcoin Podcasts (2021)

As the crypto space has matured, podcasts covering Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have proliferated. Here are some of our favorites.

While Bitcoin has shaken up the world of finance over the last decade, there’s been a parallel revolution in the media: the rise of podcasts. According to Apple Podcasts, there are now over one million shows available, and 30 million podcast episodes; March 2020 saw more than 63,000 new shows released compared with just over 25,000 additions in September 2019.

It’s perhaps inevitable, then, that one of the major sources of news and information in the cryptocurrency space is crypto podcasts—and there are plenty to choose from. We’ve trawled through the many podcasts covering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and rounded up the best of the bunch.

The Bitcoin Podcast Network

The Bitcoin Podcast Network is one of the longest-running and most consistent Bitcoin-centric podcasts.

Since 2015, it’s helped to break down what many consider to be a complicated topic, bringing on guests including crypto bigwigs like Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and Messari’s senior research analyst Ryan Watkins to help dissect the industry and convey it in a fun, conversational style to listeners.

The Bitcoin Podcast #339- Jon Tompkins Badger

The podcast’s hosts, Corey and Demetrick, do an excellent job of teasing useful insights, anecdotes, and stories out of their guests, and each episode is as varied as they are long (set aside an hour or two for this one!).

With the Bitcoin Podcast Network, you can expect a little bit of everything surrounding cryptocurrency and its diverse culture.

The Decrypt Daily

Permit us to blow our own trumpet for a second here, but Decrypt‘s own podcast, The Decrypt Daily, is as fine a show as you could hope to listen to. Released, as the name would suggest, every weekday, it sees host Matthew Aaron (formerly of Crypto 101) pore over the day’s news, with insightful interviews featuring crypto luminaries.

Unchained and Unconfirmed

Laura Shin, host of Unchained, is an independent journalist and (gasp) a “nocoiner”. Unchained has been running since 2016, making it one of the more established podcasts in crypto, and it’s played host to many major names from the space. The likes of former Acting Comptroller of the Currency Brian Brooks and SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce have come on the show to share their thoughts on the regulatory environment, while investors such as Michael SaylorChamath PalihapitiyaMike Novogratz and Raoul Pal discuss economic trends.